Current Exhibition 

New Assisted Reproductive Technology

May 23 - June 6, 2024

Artist: Ruichao Jaing
Curator: shuang cai

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#iidrr interview

A Visual Exploration of Memory and Reality in AR

Interview with artist Jun Zhou

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#iidrr TV

Di Gao

Inspired by Chinese architecture, Fashion designer and textile artist Di Gao re-define the old crafting methods with new vision.

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#iidrr interview

Every Object Is a Rabbit Hole

Interview with artist Chengtao Yi

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#iidrr interview

Koi Ren 

Vexing Veil

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Film / Talks

Princess of Chinatown: a conversation of self-identity and social judgement

New Media / Talks / Shudong

Snow Yunxue Fu talks about New Media Art & Metaverse

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