A Studio Visit With Di Gao

Inspired by Chinese architecture, fashion designer and textile artist Di Gao re-define the old crafting methods with new vision.

Filmed & edited by Annie Chen Ziyao
Interview Photography by Yichen Zhou

Image courtesy of the artist

Di Gao, New York-based fashion designer and textile artist, has drawn inspiration from Chinese architecture to redefine space in a unique and innovative way. Through her creative vision, she has incorporated the principles of layering and structure that mimic the traditional architectural elements found in Chinese buildings, such as overlapping roofs, latticed windows, and decorative screens. She uses various materials, textures, and colors to create depth and dimension, just like the layers of bricks, wood, and tiles used in Chinese architecture.

Di Gao experiments with crocheting techniques to create three-dimensional forms and shapes that challenge the traditional boundaries of fashion design. Her creations often blur the lines between fashion and art, transforming garments and textiles into wearable sculptures that redefine the space they occupy. For Di Gao, these structures create a special space that is both secure and peaceful, and she wanted to capture that feeling in her designs.

For Di Gao, yoga plays a crucial role in both her life and her design. As a knitter, she often experienced neck and back pain, which led her to discover yoga. The practice of yoga was transformative for her, allowing her to create inner space and escape from the outside world. The long conversation between her mind and body during yoga practice is similar to what she experiences during her knitting process, where all she needs to think about is where her next stitch goes. This experience inspired her "Closed-loop Universe" collection, which was inspired by her yoga practice and meditation experience. For Di Gao, every individual is a closed-loop universe, and our energy and power are like a machine running inside us. She believes that breathing is a crucial part of yoga practice, and once you start breathing, you are already practicing yoga.

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