Ziyuan Chen X Princess of Chinatown

Director Chen Ziyuan met Qing, known as Princess of Chinatown, at a party where they both studied art in New York City and bonded over their similar views on cultural identity. As Chinese living in the United States, the two artists began a series of collaborations that led to the creation of what we now see as "Princess of Chinatown".

The Homecoming of Princess ︎︎︎


About Princess of Chinatown

Zhiqing ZhangAlso known as Qing, aka. “Princess of Chinatown", is a multi-disciplinary artist and fashion designer currently based in New York. Zhiqing’s works focus on exploring gender, self-expression, queer bodies and LGBTQ+ community culture. Their design centers around the reinterpretation of Chinese traditional culture and symbolism. Their artistic creations integrate multiple fields, including clothing, makeup, styling, film, performance and more. Their work has appeared in Dazed, VOGUE, V Magazine,1 Granary, NOWNESS, Evening Standard and many other media outlets. 

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