Wei Wu Solo Exhibition

May 20th - May 28th, 2023
Opening Reception
May 20th, 7 - 9 PM

Text by Anthony Terzino

New York - :iidrr Gallery is pleased to present Incorporeal, a solo exhibition by Wei Wu. Operating through Augmented Reality (AR) and online archives, Wu questions the singularity between life and technology as an inevitable ‘end game’. This exhibition explores the limits of digital tools and remembrance to investigate those roles and rituals of memorialization when physical bodies pass away.

Social media has engendered a new human body, one that contains within itself the actual, ‘lived’ profile of the deceased. Incorporeal is an augmented experience that considers the possibility of the digital as not only a site of memorialization, but the mode of archiving, accessing, and preserving oneself in real time. Contemplating the notion of the physical body as an intrusion into the incorporeal, attention is drawn to the formal and conceptual edges of the artist’s architectural transmutations in otherwise ordinary sites like the living room, the bedroom, and the bedside table.

Wu’s memorial — embedded in images, reels, augmented objects, and her own body – is only possible because she and so many others have participated in social networks. They reproduce themselves as ‘content’ and commit their casual labor to the promise of their own memorialization. In doing so, their existence becomes real, many times over.


Wei Wu is a multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of speculative design and emergent technologies. Her work utilizes robotic fabrication, animation, photogrammetry, and extended reality to examine the implications of technology on social, cultural, and political environments. Wei holds a masters in Art, Design, and the Public Domain from Harvard Graduate School of Design.


Anthony Terzino is an artist and curator based in New York City. His work has been  shown at the Swiss Institute in Rome; Accademia di Brera, Milan; Associazione Culturale, Prato; Center for the Arts, Boston; Harvard Graduate School of Design, among others.

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