Trail, Once More


May 10 - 11, 2023

Opning Reception: May 10, 6 - 9 PM

162 Allen Street, New York

Artists: Ethan Li, Nico Sun, Yu Cheng, Luke Cong

New York - The group exhibition "Trail, One More" featuring four  artists, Ethan Li, Zhiyu Cong, Yu Cheng, and Nico Sun, will be on view at the :iidrr gallery on May 10th. Centered around the theme of "repetitive traces," the artists aim to extract personal emotions hidden within the traces of life through continuous observation and reflection. Utilizing various mediums such as photography, installation, painting, and printmaking, the four artists will present their unique perspectives on the theme from multiple dimensions.

纽约 - 四人联展《迹象|重复》将于五月十日在一蹴画廊(:iidrr gallery) 开幕。本次展览中,四位青年艺术家李智(Ethan Li)、丛志宇、程宇和孙平天(Nico Sun)将以“重复的痕迹”为切入点,在一次又一次的观察与反思中提取生活痕迹所蕴藏的个人情感。四位艺术家分别以摄影、装置、绘画和版画为媒介,从多维度展示对主题的个人见解。

Ethan Li 李智

Only repetition can leave traces. When things are repeated over and over again, when actions are practiced again and again. The marks produced in repetition become increasingly apparent, deepening until they become profound and continue to intensify. The traces generated through repetition represent a metaphysical belief in the vitality of life. Daylight and darkness, feasts and dinners, high way and muddy roads, pause and heartbeats. Night after night, we live our lives in repetition, deepening the traces, but these traces are not bloody wound of life, but symbols of vitality.


Basic element, 2023, inkjet print , 24x35 inch

Luke Cong 丛志宇

Traces serve as indelible imprints of both memory and action, enabling me to define the true nature of material reality. The exhibition piece Both of us utilizes the unique heartbeat frequency of my mother as a narrative anchor point. Through the medium of memory traces, which inherently satisfy self-needs, the piece highlights the overlapping and divergent aspects of the physical relationship between a mother and her child.

My aim is to achieve a balance between opposition and harmony in the materials used, stimulating the authenticity of a viewer's emotional response through the truthfulness of an object's trace-based existence. By doing so, the viewer is compelled to engage with the work on a deep, emotive level, thus stimulating their perception, exploration, and empathy in equal measure.


Both of us, 2023, ceramic tiles, 300GSM paper, copper plate, zinc plate, rosin powder, silver foil, heartbeat sound, 7.5‘x4.5’x12‘

Yu Cheng 程宇

Traces are the unique imprints of each person's life. Repetition is the mode of upgrading in artificial intelligence. Mutation and errors in the human world are essential elements for evolution. The randomness in human traces and the stability in mechanical repetition should not be viewed as a relationship of substitution or replacement. Complementary cooperation and coexistence may be the core direction in the age of technology. The artist transforms life photos uploaded to social media into mosaic images, using error-like mosaic images to represent AI's multiple analysis states of data, thereby expressing their information sharing with AI.


uploading 1, 2023, acrylic, 64x46 inch

Nico Sun  孙平天

Trails are an indirect expression, the trails of life reflect the invisible existence. The art of printmaking is the art of repeated trails, and the final product seen is the imprint left by the matrix on the paper. Many things in life can be used as a matrix. A period of time and an experience can be captured and fixed on a two-dimensional plane with the thinking of printmaking. Unlike realistic painting or photography, the images generated by prints are not imitations of the subject of creation but the traces left by the subject itself, which is also the unique charm of prints


Journey, 2023, ink, rice paper, car wheel, relief print 24” 35”

Artists explore traces and repetition from different angles, including viewing them as symbols of vitality, essential elements for defining physical realization, means of exploring personal identity, and delving into the art medium itself. These explorations make traces and repetition significant elements in creating art, while also showcasing the diversity and broad applicability of these elements. Therefore, these explorations contribute constructively to our better understanding of art and human self-definition.


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