Online Screening 

Shan Zhang
Film Screening

8.5.2022 - 8.8.2022

Opening  + Public Screening 
Aug 5th, 8 pm - 9:30 pm EST. 

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Film Screening List:

  • The Cicada Sequence, 06:22
  • DREAMSCAPE, 08:46
  • Caterpillar Massage, 02:35
  • Lost in Wonderland 

The Cicada Sequence

A love letter to my boyfriend. Cicada knows everything. Ask Cicada a question, and you will get the answer you craved for, but you have to pay the price of a tribute in exchange. The maiden visits Cicada with her questions, and sacrifices the treasure that formed from her flesh. Cicada gives her three minutes to ask her questions.

The maiden asks about life, about love, about traveling, about loneliness. Cicada answers them all. Through their conversation, their minds travel to a space broader than they could imagine.


It's a story of dreams and fears. Hypnotized by the wizard, the princess falls asleep, visits three rooms in her dreams, and faces her three fears deep within: the deprived purity, the unpossessed talent, and the lost love.

Caterpillar Massage 

During the exhausting social life, Mr. Cabbage enjoys a thorough physical and mental relaxation at Caterpillar Massage.

Lost In Wonderland

Lost In Wonderland is the first visual novel game produced by Exitall Studio. It depicts a young girl Chen Mi’s journey to explore and find answers in the “wonderlands of lost” of her 22-year-old life.

The game was born out of the "virtual travel" series of electronic collages made by Zhang Shan and Chen Mi because they were unable to see each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. The surreal virtual scenes collaged from digital images in the game, as well as the characters photographed by the two in Shanghai and New York respectively, are an exploration of multimedia art in the era of the pandemic. They are also a combination and reconstruction of the real dilemmas of the 22-year-old and a digital virtual world.

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