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Selected Works:

"Does This Image Mean Anything to You?", Steven Uccello
"Cycles", Weihui Lu
"unreachable seven days", Qishuo Xiang
"Trepan", Alina Yakirevitch
"Fensive", Julie Weber
"re: null;", Sam Hardman
"Atlas of Life", Marshall Wang
"SPARK", Doi Kim

Steven Uccello
Does This Image Mean Anything to You? 

Rapidly flashing positive film slides showing the aftermath of the 1962 Ash Wednesday Storm is combined with audio from stray radio waves which were captured on an old police scanner.

Weihui Lu

These two performances were created out of a desire to understand the human capacity for change. Within the context of the individual mind, the structure of the cycle is a visual representation of repetitive thought patterns, or depressive "spiraling;" it can also reflect the systemic habituation of many destructive human behaviors. 

Qishuo Xiang
unreachable seven days 

Mosaic usually exists as a "vague", in fact, the Mosaic itself is randomlygenerated by a color block, is a specific value in the color gamut. At the sametime, the traditional sense of recording our day, through the documentary realcurrent events will get a clear day, in fact, such clarity in the present, is vagueexistence. Our experience itself can no longer be represented by a single eventitself. So in fact, whether it is a video, a photo, it is a blur of infinite moments intime and space. The same is true of a concrete documentary, the same is trueof a Mosaic, and the same is true of a concrete block of color.

Alina Yakirevitch

Trepani t is a single channel 15 minute long film, completed in May 2022. In Trepan, a dead car functions as a cave for three men. During the day, they carve drawings on it. As night falls, they enter the cave-car and in it they hold a ritual, an improvised sequence of movement and sound. In a state of trance, they utilize their bodies and the body of the vehicle to make a rhythm, a musical corpus, without using language. Trepan is an attempt to access the core of the mind that doesn’t involve thinking. Performers Ben Groh, Jeph Cangé and Austin Heye embody a fantasy of primal humans. The title comes from the word “trepention”, a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled into the human skull. It is the most ancient surgical procedure, vastly used by Shamans as a means for better communication with spirits.

Julie Weber

Fensive lies between documentary, artist’s film and a music video. It follows an artist’s examination of an environment – Clogheenmilcon Fen in Blarney, Cork. Using sardonic humour, it documents and demystifies the process of the artist after a period of stagnation. This work demonstrates the complex and interlinking processes of the artist and nature - blurring the states of both worlds through fiction and non-fictional events

Sam Hardman 
re: null;

re: null; is a series of video transmissions from the end of the anthropocene.
Our lived experiences have never been more fractionalized or interconnected. We are constantly bombarded with fragments of reality from outside of ourselves. We spend our hours attempting to assemble these fragments into something cohesive, something we believe in, something we can tell the next generation about. My grandparents were born at a time when electricity was scarce. My parents were born at a time when humanity's future was almost certain annihilation. And I was born at a time when having not yet destroyed Earth, we await a response to the messages we've launched into the cosmos. So far we've heard nothing back... In the meantime, we've created networks of never ending feedback loops of information. re: null; is a series of transmissions answering our calls, not from the cosmos, but from somewhere beyond these networks.

Doi Kim

SPARK (2021) is my first video work. Utilizing the form of memory play, it asks a question through two transcendental characters: "How can we be critical about boundaries while learning about the world before we existed?" My work invites the viewer to a speculative space that contemplates the gap between macro history, a persistent world and an independent self.

Marshall Wang
Atlas of Life

"Atlas of Life" is a 3-minute graphic film that investigates the intersection between the living and the non-living from a metaphysical perspective. It explores the potentiality of life and its expansion over time.

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