NEW Assisted Reproductive Technology 

curator: shuang cai

New York, NY - :iidrr Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of "New Assisted Reproductive Technology '' (New ART), an exhibition featuring the speculative work of Ruichao Jiang curated by Shuang cai. This show opens May 23rd at 162 Allen street, offering a profound exploration into the future of gender roles and reproductive technologies.

At the heart of New ART lies a bold reimagining of reproduction – Human Parthenogenesis and Male Pregnancy. Visitors will step into a space transformed into a warm and inviting reproductive clinic, where traditional expectations are subverted. Men contemplate the pains and joys of childbirth, and women explore the possibilities of bi-maternal babies, challenging entrenched biological and gender norms.

The show builds upon Jiang’s earlier work, initially presented in the form of a brochure that questions the implications of male pregnancy on societal norms. The exhibition space itself, meticulously designed to mirror a clinical setting with examination rooms, waiting areas, and even check-in forms, becomes an integral part of the experience, blurring the lines between current medical realities and speculative futures.

“Please make an appointment with New ART Clinic at :iidrr to discuss your chance to carry your baby. We are available May 23rd - June 6th at 162 Allen street.” 

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