Phantasmal Beings                                                    
Feb 22nd - Feb 26th, 2024 

Opening Reception
Feb 22nd, 6:00 PM

Jiyu An / Yen Yen Chou / Sophi Kravitz / Seungjin Lee / Landon Carter / Tim Kastelijns / Miguel Gonzalez / Seung-Jun Lee / Qin Shen / Alison Long

Curatorial team
Annie Chen Ziyao / Qin Shen / Yuna Kim

New York, 2024 -:iidrr Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Phantasmal Beings”, on view from February 22nd to 26th, 2024, featuring the works of 10 artists. With the theme of products of imagination, this exhibition transcends the boundaries of the physical world to create an alternative space. In this dimension beyond the physical, the supernatural products of human creativity intersect with our social reality, creating a series of dystopian narratives.

The exhibition is dedicated to revealing the complex interplay between human emotions, technology and the natural environment, provoking critical thinking about our current and future place in the world. From sculptures that embody themes of love and connection to digital installations that blur the line between organic life and artificial existence, these artworks form a narrative arc that spans the human experience.

The discussion on the relationship between human emotion and nature evolves into a deeper exploration. The products of imagination originate from beyond the physical realm, speak profoundly to our reality, contributing to our civilization and the formation of our collective ideologies. Landon Carter's multi-layered resin paintings explore the grandeur of imagination and the interconnectedness of all existence, challenging the viewers to see beyond the physical world. This interconnection is echoed in Jiyu An’s clay sculptures, which express joy and connectivity, representing love as a universal bond. Similarly, Qin Shen's "Nest" series reflects on the complexities of cultural integration and social belonging, using natural symbology to depict human relationships. Sophi Kravitz's narrative of "The Guardians" in "Utopia Now" delves into the symbiotic relationship between mythical creatures and the environment, symbolizing the collective responsibility to safeguard our planet. Yen Yen Chou's whimsical portrayals of transformation and the human-nature nexus serve as a testament to the potential for metamorphosis inherent in all beings, inviting viewers to reimagine their relationship with the world. Lastly, Alison Long's "Apotheosis" series reinterprets ancient deities through a contemporary lens, exploring themes of power, mythology, and transformation, further enriching this collective exploration of our deep-seated connections with the natural and the mythical.

Other artists in the exhibition discuss the role of these phantasmal beings in a world where the natural and artificial are increasingly indistinguishable. Together, they posit a future where digital realms no longer stand as mere extensions of human capability but have evolved to embody their own forms of agency. Seungjin Lee, through his fresco-inspired digital canvases, contemplates the evolving nature of information and perception in the digital age, drawing parallels with the alteration and persistence of imagery online. Tim Kastelijns’s work, with its futuristic devices and immersive video content, bridges the gap between the tangible world and the digital universe, invoking a sense of being drawn into an alternate dimension. Miguel Gonzalez’s VR experiences transport viewers to fantastical realms where the sacredness of nature is rediscovered and celebrated, highlighting the potential for technology to reconnect us with the forgotten essence of our world. Jun's creations explore the tension and interplay between social media and personal connections, reminding us of the impact of digital spaces on our relationships and perceptions of reality.

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