Solo Exhibition

Peishan Huang

7.21.2022 - 8.4.2022

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Peishan Huang is an artist born in Dali, Yunnan, China. She received a BA from Communication University of China in 2018 and an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2022, where she received the Mount Royal Commencement Award and the Gold-Stern Emerging Artist Award. Selected solo & group exhibitions include: Paradise, ULTRAMONTANE, Hangzhou, China; one wall, two wall, floor, Richard Riggs Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA; Possible World, :uth x starART, Guangzhou, China; The Village of Nowhere, Three Shadow Photography Art Center, Beijing, China.

Peishan now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Peishan at her studio in Baltimore, Maryland

Extending her artwork from everyday gazes at man-made objects, Peishan Huang has long been observing traces of this type of human life. Through video and installation, she continues to explore the relationship between human, nature, and artificial nature, building a systematic expression of herself through various mediums and materials. Photography series Artificial Nature is a visual record of the deliberate imitation and replication of nature by human in their daily life. They are either beautiful and anthropomorphic flowers and trees, or carefully planned urban parks, which are both reshaped by human and inevitably leave an artificial imprint on nature.

images from Artificial Nature

The “park” is a concrete expression of human’s desire to regulate nature according to their own will. Central Park is her exploration of the human factor regulating the nature in the urban scene. Plants and trees are regularly pruned. Seed dispersal by wind is impeded by the urban fabric and replaced by flower beds and gardens. The logic of enjoying the beauty of the park is the daily intervention of human in nature. All procedures are designed to ensure a stability that is entirely defined by human.

Installtion view of  Central  Park

At the same time, her work discusses, in a gentle and poetic way, the nature of the medium itself, the space in which it is embedded, and the complex relationship between the two. Space becomes a plastic material that she incorporates into her work, and the image is no longer just a two-dimensional plane hanging on the wall.

Installation view from
Be Suspended

Installation view from
Be Terminated

Peishan Huang’s works are quiet and fluid, existing in a gentle and continuous rhythm, just like breathing. This online exhibition is dedicated to present her various ongoing reflections and creative practices under the theme of human and nature, as well as her exploration of medium and space. At the same time, it aims to share her "breath" with the audience.

7.21.2022 - 8.4.2022

Opening tour & talks July 21, 8:00 pm EST
Location: :iidrr virtual gallery ︎︎︎

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