Peachtree Symphony 

Dannie Niu

02.10 - 02.17.2023

:iidrr Gallery, 162 Allen Street,New York, 10002

Dannie Niu is an illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia, leads us on a journey through her solo exhibition, "Peachtree Symphony". Dannie earned her M.F.A. in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design and infuses her work with classical romantic oil painting, creating pieces that are both hopeful and fantastical. She blends luxury with her illustrations to give them a serious and dignified feel, yet still relatable and evocative of warm nostalgia.

Dannie's illustrations evoke a sense of warm nostalgia, It's as if she's compiled a mosaic of memories - ones that feel both familiar and strangely new. Her whimsical expressions and movements present us with more than a flat scene, but rather a full-on experience – something people who have actually lived through these streets will 'recognise' and enjoy. Each building, signpost and frame is like a portal to other places filled with personal history and emotions. Journeying through her triptych Atlanta Series is like assembling bricks over mountains of bricks, stories over stories—allowing us to explore the depths of our own vivid memories and differences in perspective

:iidrr Gallery
162 Allen Street, New York, NY, USA 10002

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