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Group Exhibition
Objects Without (Home) 

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Mar 27th, 2024, 11:59 PM EST

Exhibition dates
April 18 - 28, 2024

Curated by Annie Chen Ziyao & Bebe Uddin

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or Zelle: info@iidrr.com

Notification Date
If you are selected to participate in the exhibition, we will begin sending out notifications on March 28th. The last day for notification is April 2nd.

Exhibition Theme and Purpose

Objects Without (Home) The exhibition aims to reveal the complex narratives of immigrant artists who have moved to New York City. We are looking for artworks & objects that showcase the intertwined stories of personal growth, cultural integration, and the poignant decision-making process surrounding the objects these artists chose to bring with them— but the object somehow become "useless" or "being left behind" in their lives as they adjust to the new environment. Our aim is to delve into how these items, from the mundane to the sentimental, serve as silent witnesses to the artists' journeys and struggles in melding into a new cultural landscape while striving to maintain their unique identities and connections to their origins.

In an era where movements are frequent and identities are in flux, Objects Without (Home) invites artists to submit a work that, paired with a personal object, narrate their stories of adaptation, loss, and the redefinition of 'home.' Through this exhibition, we aim to reflect on the identity transformations of immigrant artists in NYC, offering a window into their lives, challenges, and the cultural tapestry they weave into.

Exhibition Details

  • Submission Deadline: Mar 27th, 2024, 11:59 PM EST
  • Exhibition Dates: April 18 - 28, 2024
  • Location: :iidrr Gallery, 162 Allen Street, New York
  • Eligibility: Open to immigrant artists (first & second generation) currently residing in New York City. Artists are required to submit one artwork paired with a personal object that holds significance to their journey & story of cultural integration and identity, but that has somehow become "useless" in their lives as they adjust to the new environment.

Curator Notes

The Story of the Red Sweater
by Annie Chen Ziyao

Behind Objects Without (Home) lies a narrative deeply personal to me. I, too, as an immigrant artist moved to New York in 2019. Among my belongings was a red sweater, accidentally packed, which belonged to my mom. Despite never wearing it, I've moved with it from place to place, serving as a silent witness to my evolving journey in this new city. Each move from one home to another forced me to confront the dilemma of whether to keep or discard this and other stuff from my hometown. These items, though seemingly redundant, hold memories and connection to my origins.

This sweater, and the stories it represents, inspired Objects Without (Home). It is a testament to the silent struggles and the unseen bravery of immigrant artists, their journey of letting go, and the art of holding on. We invite you to share not just your art, but the objects that tell your story of transition, resilience, and the redefinition of home.

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