Labels? Labels! TBD
February 29 – March 7, 2024

Curators: Tong Wu, shuang cai, Shuwan
Participating Artists: Eden Chinn, Hyoju Cheon, Huiqi He, Jeong Hur, Petros Lales, Xinyi Li, Yshao Lin, Julia Margaret Lu, Coraline (Jingyan) Weng, Ke Ding & Yu Zheng, zzyw

Opening reception: Thursday, February 29, 6–9 PM
Gallery hours: Tuesday–Sunday: 12 AM–6 PM

New York, NY (February 22, 2024): :iidrr Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, Labels? Labels! TBD, which features a series of works from 11 participating artists and artist duos that are presented solely through their exhibition labels. The exhibition will run from February 29 to March 7, 2024, with an opening reception on February 29 from 6 to 9 pm.

Curated by Tong Wu, shuang cai, and Shuwan, Labels? Labels! TBD originated as a challenge to artists, tasking them with crafting exhibition labels for conceptualized yet unfinished artworks. The resulting exhibition unfolds in two distinct dimensions. It encourages artists to reimagine the conventional role of exhibition labels, pushing them to experiment with form, materials, and narrative. This results in expressive pieces that boldly assert their autonomy and challenge traditional notions of what constitutes an artwork.

Simultaneously, the show challenges the stereotypical sequence of creative practices, extending into a diverse remix of the artistic process. It invites artists to rethink traditional production sequences, shedding light on the various stages in bringing conceptualized artworks to fruition. This fosters a deeper understanding of creative journeys and the complexities inherent in artistic creation and interpretation.

As viewers engage with this innovative showcase, they are invited to explore the nuanced narratives and contexts presented by the 11 sets of labels. This unveils the intricate relationship between artwork, its creation, and accompanying information. Labels? Labels! TBD aims to foster dialogue and broaden perspectives on the role of labels in both the presentation and comprehension of art.

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