Labels? Labels! TBD

Exhibition dates:
02/29/2024 -03/03/2024

:iidrr Gallery, 162 Allen Street, New York.

Tong Wu, Shuwan, shuang cai

Submission fee

The exhibition calls for artists to design an exhibition label for an artwork that has been conceptualized or in the making but never finished – challenging artists to explore the potential of labels as independent expressive pieces.

Though not representing a realized artwork, these labels must include the essential details of a label, such as the work’s name, artist’s name, dimensions, and medium. On top of the regular elements, for this label, we ask artists to think deeply about the conceived piece and the reason behind its incompleteness. While traditional exhibition labels aim to be quiet and plain, we encourage creative interpretations of the roles, form, and materials of labels, which shall be reflective of the form of the imagined artwork and in conversation with the works’ conceptual roots.
"Labels? Labels! TBD" allows artists to explore and challenge the boundaries of traditional art exhibition formats. This exhibition celebrates the detailed narratives and contexts that labels provide, often unnoticed, yet integral to the understanding and appreciation of art.

Submission Deadline:
February 8, 2024

:iidrr Gallery
162 Allen Street, New York, NY, USA 10002

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