Irreconcilable Mirage
March 15 – March 25, 2024

Opening reception:   March 15, 2024, 6-8 PM

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Sunday: 12 AM–6 PM

New York, March 6, 2024 - :iidrr Gallery proudly presents "Irreconcilable Mirage," a solo exhibition by Chelsea Ning,a visionary photographer and textile designer. The exhibition, running from April 15th to April 28th, 2024, invites visitors to delve into the subtle and evocative visual narratives meticulously created by Chelsea, offering a compelling exploration of emotions and perspectives through her artistic lens.

Chelsea Ning's artistic philosophy centers on an introspective exploration of personal identity, isolation, displacement, and nostalgia as experienced by an Asian female in America. Her work delves into the profound question of "who am I and what makes me myself," aiming to establish a connection with individuals who share similar backgrounds and emotions. Drawing from her Asian heritage and experiences in America, Ning's art reflects deep engagement with feelings of isolation, displacement, and nostalgia, offering a nuanced perspective on cultural identity and the complexities of personal experiences within a larger societal context.

"In My 20s" is an expanding series that delves into the experiences and challenges faced by young individuals during their twenties. It explores themes of delicacy, chaos, uncertainty, and dreams, somehow intertwined with identifiable items, such as stress relief gummies and wine bottles. The goal is to create an inviting and relatable space for the audience to step into. Through the artful connection of moments and fragments, these photographs intricately weave together the varied moods and thoughts of this phase of life.

"Misplaced/Misplaced 2024" is characterized by a compendium of artworks that delve into the themes of displacement, the absence of objects, and feelings of isolation. Within this series, Ning explores the experience of transitioning from one place to another, addressing the feelings of alienation arising from the environment and the quest to find a sense of belonging.

"If not here, where" delves into themes of identity, memory, displacement, and self through reflections on identifiable objects and subjects, blurring boundaries to create a sense of familiarity tinged with detachment. Drawing from creative works and philosophical ideas, it offers a thought-provoking exploration of the complex nature of human experiences and the quest for self-understanding and authenticity in a complex world.

"Small Boat" draws inspiration from the tragic Morecambe Bay cockling disaster in 2004 and Isaac's poignant work "Ten Thousand Waves." It narrates a tale of reincarnation, identity, and metamorphosis. Familiar scenarios play out through the eyes of a young person awakening to contemplate the past, culminating in the discovery of inner well-being. This story gently reveals the process of reflecting and regaining .

The artworks intricately intertwined themes of personal identity, cultural heritage, and the relentless passage of time, all while captivating viewers with the tactile and sensory possibilities of contemporary art. Each artwork serves as a doorway into Ning's reflective exploration of the experience of an Asian female in America, encouraging audiences to navigate the nuanced layers of emotion and perspective captured through her artistic vision. Through a delicate interplay of imagery and symbolism, Ning's work becomes a transformative journey, blurring the boundaries between the tangible and the ephemeral, the individual and the universal, and the past and the present.

:iidrr Gallery is honored to present this thought-provoking and immersive exhibition. We warmly invite everyone to embark on a journey of discovery, not only through physical space but also through the rich tapestry of time and memory expertly woven into Ning's art. Join us in embracing the complexities of cultural identity, the emotional resonance of displacement, and the poignant nostalgia of personal experience as we collectively dig into the profound and evocative narratives of Chelsea Ning's "Irreconcilable Mirage."

About Artist:

Chelsea Ning (寧楚媛) is a photographer and textile designer based in Providence, Rhode Island. She completed her BFA program at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2019 to 2024. Through her creative endeavors, Chelsea explores nuanced emotions and profound themes such as dissonance, self-identity, concealment, displacement, isolation, and nostalgia. She has a keen interest in various visual mediums, including film installations, paintings, and prints, through which she communicates her artistic vision. Her unique approach involves intentionally manipulating the visual elements to offer viewers a distinctive perspective and promote personal connections with her evocative imagery.

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