El Otro, El Mismo
Yuchen Wang Solo Exhibition

January 18th to January 28th, 2024

The :iidrr Gallery is proud to announce the opening of "El Otro, El Mismo,” a solo exhibition by the acclaimed photographer Yuchen Wang. This exhibition invites audiences to delve into abstract landscapes of memory and imagination, viewed through the lens of visual impairment. Drawing inspiration from the literary works of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, who became completely blind by the age of 55. Yuchen’s photographic series challenges the traditional role of vision in art and encourages viewers to interact with the images through memory and personal introspection.

Yuchen Wang, an alumnus of the Photography & Video department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, is renowned for her innovative approach to visual media. Her work blurs the lines between vision and reality, engaging viewers in a dialogue that goes beyond the visual, exploring the interconnectedness and the separation between these realms.

The title "El Otro, El Mismo," which means "The Other, The Same," is derived from a book of poems by Jorge Borges and reflects on themes of duality and identity. It suggests a contemplation of the interconnectedness and separation between different realms of perception and reality. In the context of Yuchen Wang's exhibition, it signifies the exploration of unseen and unperceived worlds that exist within and beyond human sight's limits. Guided by the challenges of visual impairment, Yuchen's approach to photography defies the conventional essence of the medium, transcending its usual boundaries.

Curated by Annie Chen Ziyao, each piece in the exhibition is a fragment of a larger narrative, deeply influenced by the life and works of Jorge Borges, whose visual world diminished as his literary one flourished. Yuchen's photographs are more than images; they are complex, poetic constructs that compel viewers to look inward, engaging with the art through a lens of personal experience, memory, and subjective interpretation.

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