Creating beyond words:
Generative AI as an artist tool

AI Pop - up

April 15th - April 25th,2023

Artists:  Yuming Chen, Jiaoyang Li, Xiaoyan Lin, Ard Su, Soren Stockman, Chun Wang, Caren Wenqing Ye, Wenhe Zhao, Diyang Zhou, Francine Zhou, Phoelix

Closing Reception:
April 25th  6:00 PM -8:00 PM

Creating beyond words: Generative AI as an artist tool is an AI art exhibition presented by the :iidrr gallery and the Accent Sisters in collaboration with artist Tong Wu, is now on view  at :iidrr Gallery in New York City.

The exhibition features eleven artists' Text to Image AI generated works, sharing the creative process of art making under the new wave of technology. This exhibition also explores how generative AI tools can revolutionize the creative process for poets, writers, and artists, and how AI as an emerging creative agent with social attributes may bring changes to the relationship between creators.

Xiaoyan Lin, Lone Woods Drift Me Away, 2023

Jiaoyang Li,Castle Play, 2023

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