Cycles of Vitality
July 20 through July 31, 2023

Opening Reception
July 20, 2023, 7 - 9 PM

Yuan Xu, Yuan Annie Zhuang, and Shaoyu Zhang

New York - :iidrr gallery proudly presents Cycles of Vitality, a group exhibition featuring the work of Yuan Xu, Yuan Annie Zhuang, and Shaoyu Zhang, which will be on view from July 20 to July 31, 2023. This exhibition aims to explore the possibilities of growth, vitality, and the coexistence of humans and materiality. 

Each artist has a common focus on the theme of "Vitality," relating to the ongoing metamorphosis of form. The concept of "form" navigates through the multifaceted ways materials, both organic and synthetic, assume shape over time. With a variety of mediums such as sculpture, mixed media, and works on paper, the exhibition invites visitors to explore the physicality, textures, and structures inherent to a diverse range of materials. From the roughness of wood to the smoothness of polished steel, the exhibition encourages visitors to challenge conventional perceptions of form, highlighting the possibility of transformation and growth in materials.

Yuan Xu's work introduces viewers to an exploration of connections between landscape, the human body, and perception. Using a range of integrated materials such as fiber and metal, Xu's experimental techniques craft a paradoxical harmony between hardness and softness. Her work, often inspired by the eternity and movement found in natural landscapes, finds itself in line with the exhibition's theme, emphasizing the transience and constant transformation inherent in life. Xu's work encapsulates the cyclical nature of vitality, portraying the complexity and multiplicity of states of being through ambiguous and chaotic forms. Viewers are encouraged to engage in an open-ended dialogue with the art, a testament to the interconnectedness of humans,

Yuan Annie Zhuang's work echoes the rhythms of contemporary life, resonating with our shared experiences of existence in tangible and intangible forms. Through site-specific interventions, book art, and installations that employ video, sculpture, live plants, and residue, Zhuang's pieces embody the essence of contemporary life cyclically, highlighting the interconnectedness of all beings within it. Zhuang reveals issues of

contemporary life that often go unnoticed and incorporates philosophical thinking into her artistic practice, utilizing visual, audio, tactile, and olfactory mediums. For instance, "Let it Grow" presents viewers with a sensory exploration of growth and vitality, courtesy of Zhuang’s use of live plants. “Everything I Own: an inventory” encapsulates multiple tactile experiences through dust and residue samples collected from her apartment. “Lotus Root Walk Project @ Greenwich Village” uniquely transports viewers outside of the gallery space, encouraging interaction with infrastructure in specific neighborhoods. Each piece reflects the intertwined cycle of seedling, fruition, and senescence, a living echo of the dynamic cycles of vitality.

Shaoyu's work delves into the interface between nature and machine. The sculpture work pushes the boundaries of art and technology, merging the precision of computer-aided manufacturing with the fluidity and spontaneity of natural form. This fusion of the organic and the manufactured explores the cycles of creation and decay, mirroring the cycles of life itself. Shaoyu's work challenges the boundaries of what is considered 'natural' and 'manufactured', provoking contemplation of their cyclical relationship and interdependence.

Throughout the exhibition 'Cycles of Vitality', audiences are invited to engage with the materials through a series of workshops led by Yuan Xu and Yuan Annie Zhuang. The artists' work collectively explores themes of growth, vitality, and the multiple possibilities that these concepts embody.

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